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"What can I do to stop?"   THE QUICK FIX  


• get rid of the porn .... ALL of it!  

• get out for some exercise - even a walk

• HALT (never get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired)


• stop isolating - interact with another 

• phone someone you haven't spoken with in a while

• visit someone who rarely gets visitors


• David killed Goliath with just one of "5 smooth stones" 

   (daily Prayer and Scripture reading, weekly Fasting and Eucharist, monthly Confession)

• start each day asking God's help in overcoming Lust AND surrendering to His will

• pray for the one you are staring at (= Lust)

• "It is easier to remain pure than to get pure!"    "This too shall pass!" (Be prepared to ride out the storm.)

• read Psalm 23:1 and Phil. 4:19.  Learn to trust that God will supply ALL our needs.

• realize that you are engaged in a spiritual BATTLE (Eph. 6:12).  Ask St. Michael's help.

• focus on the Solution, not the Problem - by praising God in word and song


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